Everything You Need To Know About CSM

Carriage Mill’s HOA Accounting Services & Remote HOA Management

CSM only handles concerns within the financial realm of managing the association. For more streamlined assistance, they have several teams who can assist you. Please contact any one of them for your financial HOA needs.



Community Support can assist you with any of your general inquiries and needs.


The Accounting Team can assist you with any of your Accounting concerns including late fee inquiries, balance concerns and payment inquiries.


The ACH Team assists with all matters related to the ACH payment method. Need to cancel your draft or change the account you are debiting from? Please email ach@csmhoa.com


If you are selling your home soon and need a Condo Questionnaire or Closing Statement completed, contact the Closings Team.


Contact Information: Please visit Vine to make sure your contact information is up-to-date. Please remember to update your account anytime you make changes to your contact info.  Please see the CSMHOA Menu Tab for direct access to the CSM Website or use any of the links provided herein. 

Carriage Mill

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Ph: 865-315-7505         www.csmhoa.com         Fax: 865-315-7506