How much is a resale packet? $125

How do I request a resale packet? Submit a question/contact form through our website or email us at carriagemillhoa@gmail.com.

Is there a digital copy of the resale packet? Currently, there is no digital copy of the resale packet.

When are trash and recycling picked up? Trash is picked up each Friday, and recycling is picked up every other Friday. Place your bins outside the night before to ensure pick up and please remove them no later than the end of Friday. More about Virginia Beach’s curbside services can be found here and waste collections guidelines can be found here. No refuse should be left outside unless you have scheduled a bulk pickup.

What can I not do on my property? Virginia Beach code enforcement has a website that lists a number of things you’re not allowed to do, including allowing grass to become overgrown, abandoning vehicles, parking commercial vehicles in residential zones, and leaving trash outside. The HOA also has additional rules in our bylaws and other documents which must be adhered to.

How much are the HOA dues, and how often are they paid? Beginning 2019, the HOA dues will be $115 and are due by January 1st.  Any payments received after January 31st will accrue interest and a late fee of $25.

How can I pay my dues or pay for a resale packet? You can pay online at carriagemill.com or you can send a check to Carriage Mill Homes Association; PO Box 65055 Virginia Beach, VA 23467

Does the HOA provide insurance? Yes, but insurance is only provided to cover the common areas, ie. park.

What are the approved exterior colors? There are more details about which colors to use for your property in the Architectural Guidelines document but see below for the codes needed to purchase them from Home Depot.

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