How much is a resale packet? Packet and inspection: $200.00 or Rush Packet and Inspection: $250

How do I request a resale packet? Complete the request form under the “Documents” tab and return it to carriagemillhoa@gmail.com. Please note that the property must undergo an HOA inspection and any violations must be addressed prior to receiving the packet.

Is there a digital copy of the resale packet? There is a digital copy of the resale packet, however, we also like to provide a printed version in an HOA folder for  your records.

Can the property be used as a rental? The property can be rented, however, it requires Board approval to comply with the rental cap and restrictions for the community.

Do we have a rental cap? Yes! There is a rental cap of no more than 25 units. You will need board approval prior to renting/renewing to ensure all requirements are met, should we be at capacity no further rentals will be approved and you can request to be added to the waitlist.

Are there rental restrictions?  Yes! Restrictions are found in the Rules and Regulations section of the HOA Packet.

Can I use my property as an Air B&B or Short-Term Rental? No, this is strictly prohibited in the community.

Who takes care of the grass and maintenance of the individual yards and areas surrounding the homes? The owners are responsible for their property ensuring that the landscaping and debris are maintained regularly and properly desposed of.  This includes the fenced-in portion of your yard as well as 1/2 of the easement beyond the rear of your fence, if you live on an easment.  Grass service for the common areas such as the community park and along the sidewalks is provided by the HOA.  Please refer to the “Resources” tab for instructions on proper yard waste removal.

When are the trash and recycling picked up? Trash is picked up each Friday, and recycling is picked up every other Friday. Place your bins outside the front of your home the night before to ensure pick up and please remove them no later than by the end of Friday. The trash bins must be kept inside the fenced-in area of your yard or garage to ensure that they are not visible at any time except trash day.  More about Virginia Beach’s curbside services and collection guidelines can be found here: https://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/public-works/pw-waste-management/Pages/curbside-services.aspx. No refuse should be left outside unless you have scheduled a bulk pickup. The resident must request this service by calling waste management (contact information is provided under the “Resources” tab).  All bulk items must be placed at the end of your own driveway and not along Canterford Lane no sooner than the day before pick-up.

What can I not do on my property? Virginia Beach Code Enforcement has a website that lists a number of things you’re not allowed to do, including but not limited to allowing grass to become overgrown, abandoning vehicles, parking commercial vehicles in residential zones and leaving trash cans visible, just to name a few.  The HOA also has additional rules and regulations included in the HOA Packet which must be adhered to.  If you are unsure please use the “Contact Us” form with any questions and the Board will be happy to assist you.

How much are the HOA dues, and how often are they paid? HOA dues are currently $125 for 2024 and will increase annually based on inflation.  Dues are to be received annually on January 1st of each year, any unpaid dues after January 31st will have a late fee of $25 and accrue interest.  It is your responsibility to keep the HOA updated with your contact information/e-mail, a contact update form can be found under the “Documents” tab. HOA dues are your responsibility to pay regardless of whether you receive a bill or not.  You can always email the Board with any questions.

How can I pay my dues? Use the “CSMHOA” tab for the website so you can log into your Vine Account with CSM or by mail at: Carriage Mill, c/o Clark Simson Miller, P O Box 52344, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2344.  If you do not have a Vine account set up, please call CSM and they will be able to assist you in getting that set up. Their contact info is also on their website.

Does the HOA provide insurance? Yes, but insurance is only provided to cover the common areas, ie. park.

What portion of the fence is my responsibility to repair/maintain?  Each unit is responsible for 2 sides of the shared fence, which are the two sides for which the back side of the fence faces into your property.  A picture can be found under the “Documents” tab for additional guidance.

What are the approved exterior and deck colors?  Please see the “Documents” tab for the samples of approved paint colors for the front exterior of the home, each home should have 2 alternating colors one light and one dark, the specific location of where each should be is under the Architectural Guidelines section in the HOA Bylaws Packet.  Decks should remain natural and a clear coat can be used.  Should you wish to paint your deck or have already painted a non-conforming color then there are some approved colors to choose from that mimic the natural color, samples also found under the “Documents” tab.


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